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About The Game

Do you have a fondness for King Arthur and Knights of the Roundtable? Love merging games? Enter The Mergest Kingdom. A magical world filled with dragons and wizards and heroes and castles.

As you travel through the islands, you will collect valuable objects. Combine the objects together to create even more powerful items. Collect and harvest resources, the Farawake Kingdom needs your help to rebuild!

Game Overview

The game consists of Islands or Lands, each presenting a different type of resource (e.g. Wood, Stone, Metal, etc). As you progress through the game, you will open new Lands using keys. Once open, you'll harvest resources from the "Ents" and use the resulting supplies to build structures. These structures are used to build up your "Castles".

  • Open land using keys. Keys are obtained from the Heroes.
  • Resurrect heroes by collecting and merging their special items.
  • Grow crops to feed the heroes and they will give you keys and money in return.
  • Mine and collect resources from "Ents". Each island has a different resource, Ent, and Castle.

The game can be divided into 2 sections. The Main World and the side lands reached through the Travel Book.



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About The Wiki

Mergest Kingdom is a game that changes constantly. The developers regularly introduce new items, change items, or delete items. Don't be surprised if you find info here that is outdated or missing. Your proprietor tries to post UPDATE notices when things change but admittedly, it is a challenge.

If you notice something that isn't correct and are not comfortable with editing yourself, leave a note on the admin's message wall and I will take care of it.


This wiki is written by fans for fans. We are not the game developers therefore we cannot help you with technical problems you may be having with the game. Additionally, we cannot help you with your ability to view ads. You will have to contact the game developer's support desk. This is done by clicking on the Game Controls icon then clicking on "Support".